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The wealth of works of art in New York City is scarcely realized by its residents and little or no attempt has been made to bring this side of the city's activities to the attention of the general public.

There are thousands of artists in New York City. This includes industrial art designers and commercial draftsmen, as well as the professional architects, painters and sculptors. Of this number many, who gained a little success in their home town, find it of distinct advantage to settle in New York on account of the numerous facilities for study and for congenial associations.

This "Guide to the Works of Art in New York City" has been compiled with data from art works in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Commission of the City, the Municipal Art Society, and the West 156th Street group of societies.

The attempt has been made to plan for the visitor a few half day "pilgrimages" for the enjoyment of some of our City's treasures, both outdoors and within its art museums. By following the routes outlined and not attempting to see everything in one visit, "museum fag" may be reduced to a minimum. For those who can devote more time to such art "pilgrimages" additional trips are suggested. Among these are the New York Historical Society, which has a notable collection of paintings by old masters and also interesting Egyptian objects; the Cooper Union Museum of Decorative Arts; and the Print Department of the New York Public Library.
No reference has been made to private collections, with their wonderful treasures, nor even to the beautiful exteriors of some of the homes, from a feeling that personal privacy ought not to be encroached upon.

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