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Saint Patrick's Cathedral, is a Neo-Gothic-style Catholic cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York.    
New York buildings of artistic importance.


The New York Public Library and St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Continuing in a Fifth Avenue stage to Fortieth Street, the visitor will be at the New York Public Library, that is an art museum as well.

The building was designed by Carrerre and Hastings and on the Fifth Avenue facade, on each side of the main entrance, are figures by MacMonnies typifying Beauty and Truth, while above the entrance are the first of a series of figures by Paul Bartlett typifying Drama, Poetry, Religion, Romance, and Philosophy. In the pediments at each end of the building are groups representing Science and Arts by George Grey Barnard.

In the rear of the building, facing Bryant Park, is a seated figure in bronze by Herbert Adams of the poet for whom the park was named. On the top floor of the library are permanent exhibitions of paintings and prints that are free to visitors during the day.

At Fiftieth Street and Fifth Avenue stands St. Patrick's Cathedral, designed by James Renwick, a superb example of Gothic architecture, and its interior is a "thing of beauty" owing to the good proportions of its nave, crossing and choir.

The end of this portion of the visitor's pilgrimage is reached nine blocks to the north, where the Plaza serves as the gateway to Central Park. Here is the Pulitzer fountain that is crowned by one of Karl Bitter's sculptures. Just within the park itself stands St. Gaudens's superb equestrian statue of "General Sherman led by Victory"

The Fifth Avenue stages continue up the Avenue, past the Hunt Memorial, erected at loth Street to face his most notable achievement, the Lenox Library, since removed. The Memorial was the gift of all the art societies of the city, the sculptor being D. C. French and the architect G. B. Post. Continuing along the side of Central Park, at 82d Street the Metropolitan Museum is reached.

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The City Hall, City Hall Park and the Hall of Records.

The criminal courts building, Grace Church and Madison Square.

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