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Fifth Avenuein New York City, is a famous tourist attractions, information on it, history and facts.    
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42d street in Fifth Avenue leads east to the Grand Central Terminal. The TEMPLE EMANUEL at 43d street is one of the largest Jewish synagogues in the city, and is regarded as a fine example of Saracenic architecture. West of the avenue in 43d street is the CENTURY CLUB. On the northeast corner of 44th street is DELMONICO'S, and diagonally across from it is SHERRY'S. Delmonico's is the most famous restaurant in America, and one of the best known in the world. Sherry's is a younger establishment of the same character, and each is the scene of many social functions—dinners, receptions, society debuts and balls.

"Delmonico and Brothers," records Mr. Chas. H. Haswell, "opened a coffee, cake and confectionery shop in the year 1828 at No. 23 William street, in a single room, in which they and the female members of their family dispensed bon-bons, coffee, liquor pates and confections." In 1842 John Delmonico, then the head of the house, died of apoplexy, caused by his excitement at firing at a deer; and the "bereft" but thrifty family caused to be printed this notice; "A CARD: The widow, brother and nephew Lorenzo of the late much respected John Delmonico tender their heartfelt thanks to the friends, benevolent societies and Northern Liberty Fire Engine Company, who accompanied his remains to his last home. The establishment will be re-opened to-day under the same firm of Delmonico Brothers, and no pains of the bereft family will be spared to give general satisfaction. Restaurant, bar-room and private dinners, No. 2 South William Street; furnished rooms No. 76 Broad Street, as usual."

In 44th Street west of the avenue are the Harvard, Yale, St. Nicholas, Twelfth Night, and New York Yacht Clubs, and Bar Association.

The Windsor Arcade site between 46th and 47th of Fifth Avenue, was occupied by the ill-fated Windsor Hotel, which was destroyed by fire in 1899 with a terrible loss of life. The house on the northeast corner of 47th street, No. 579, is the home of Miss Helen Gould. At No. 617 is the Democratic Club, the social headquarters of the leaders of Tammany Hall. At 50th street is the Buckingham Hotel. ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL occupies the block from 5oth to 51st street; in the rear of the Cathedral is the Archiepiscopal Residence, the home of the Archbishop. The Union. Club has a sumptuous home on the corner, fronting on 51st street.

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