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Riverside Drive is a scenic north-south thoroughfare in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The boulevard is a must for tourist in nyc.    
Down Riverside Drive to 135th Street.


Leaving the church we are in full view of the Hudson River, but the stage which goes down Riverside Drive stops at 135th Street.

Take the subway, therefore, from 157th Street to 137th Street, walk two blocks down Broadway and then, for ten cents, it is possible to have one of the most delightful rides in the world.

Imagine ourselves on top of the "bus" with the Hudson River gleaming on the right and its steep far banks crowned with verdure and a few houses.

On our left rise tall apartment houses separated from the river by the narrow, irregular Riverside Park.

Here and there are notable monuments. The Viaduct Bridge at 125th Street, Grant's Tomb at 122d Street, the roofs of Columbia University buildings extending from 121st to 114th Street, the Joan of Arc statue by Anna Vaughan Hyatt at 93rd Street, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument by A. and C. Stoughton at 9oth Street and so down through 72d Street and Broadway to the Columbus Monument and the Maine Memorial at 59th Street, through 57th Street and down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square at 4th Street.

Another point that might be included in this "pilgrimage" is the Hall of Fame which is especially beautiful at the sun-set hour. Walk one block east through 155th Street to Amsterdam Avenue, take the surface car up to 181st Street and transfer to a University Avenue car.

This crosses Washington Bridge over the Harlem River and takes you to New York University, in the Borough of the Bronx.

Cross the campus and the colonnade beyond the library is the Hall of Fame, where tablets record the names of famous men and women of the United States. From its height there is a wide view over the end of Manhattan island to the Hudson River and the distant Palisades.


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