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North American Birds and ornitology exhibits and permanent collections in the museum. Guide and description for visitors.    
American Museum of Natural History.


In this room are specimens of all the varieties of birds which have been known to occur within fifty miles of New York City, a General Collection of all birds likely to be seen within this area, arranged according to the American system of classification, and the Seasonal Collection which is changed each month so that those interested in the study of bird life may ascertain what birds they may expect to find during the current month.

In another section of the birds of north america are the stragglers from other parts of the country which have been found within our limits. Then, too, there is a table case containing the eggs, often with the nest, of those species known to nest within fifty miles of the city, and facing the entire collection a well executed life-size bust of John Burroughs, that ardent lover and keen and kindly observer of nature.

At the extreme northern end of the Corridor along the stairway is a number of original plates, drawings and paintings by John J. Audubon.


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