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European Gallery: Renaissance sculptures in the Brooklyn museum. Collections and Galleries.    

Chinese Jade. European gallery and Renaissance sculpture.

The Woodward collection of jade is installed in the room opening out of the Tissot gallery.

It includes a comprehensive selection of various classes of objects which the Chinese have been accustomed to fashion from the stone which they so greatly admire.

Retracing one's steps to section A, one finds in the corridor and under the dome, several pieces of sculpture, including the "Danaide" (ill. no. 40), by the great French sculptor Rodin. Here also are casts of Renaissance sculpture.

On the corridor wall hang important pictures. A design for a stained glass window, "Christ Sitting in Judgment," by Burne-Jones ; "Crucifixion," by the School of Murillo; and three pictures by John La Farge, studies for mural decorations—"Angel of the Sun" and two called "Adoration." Just here there is a choice collection of XVIth to XVIIIth century watches, including one that belonged to Lord Nelson, and number 92 made for the Royal family of France in the XVIIth century.

Verestchagin's large "Crucifixion in the Time of the Romans" hangs near the entrance to the small room which leads to the European gallery. Small pictures and drawings are in this room. As one enters the first alcove Bouguerau's lovely nude, "The Lost Pleiad," attracts the eye. Verestchagin's two Russo-Turkish War canvases occupy the walls by the doorway. The other pictures are chiefly modern French, English, and Spanish.

Many familiar names are to be found in the second division. Fantin-Latour's "Portrait of Mme. Leon Maitre" is in the centre of the left wall. Vollon, Couture, Dupre, Barye, Isabey, Diaz, Daubigny, Corot, Courbet, Gericault, Decamps, and Dausnier, complete the group. Opposite, Boldini's strong portrait of the American painter, Whistler (ill. no. 37) occupies the centre of the wall with various other Italian paintings to the right and left. Perrault, Bouguereau, Harpignies, Lhermitte, Mesdag, Israels, Maris and others occupy the third section.


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