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American Museum of Natural History in New York: Collections and Research, guide and info for tourists.    
American Museum of Natural History.


The fifth floor is occupied by the Administrative Offices of the American Museum of Natural History, the Offices and Laboratories of the Scientific Departments and the Library, which contains more than 70,000 volumes on natural history, anthropology and travel.

There are in the Library more than 15,000 volumes in zoology; 3,500 volumes in entomology; 2,000 volumes in conchology; 2,500 volumes in anthropology, including many of the older works relating to the North American Indian; 3,500 volumes in geology, enriched by the library of the late Professor Jules Marcou; a collection of 5,000 volumes in palontology, in the main composed of the Os-born Library of Vertebrate Palontology, and an unusually complete collection of more than 25,000 volumes of natural science periodicals.

The Reading Room of the Library is open free daily, with the exception of Sundays and holidays, to all who may wish to consult the books.

In addition to the exhibits which the American Museum of Natural History displays, it maintains a Department of Public Education which co-operates with the Board of Education of the City in a most comprehensive manner, by supplying to the schools lantern slides and loan collections of nature study material and by giving lectures on Geography, History and Natural Science at the Museum and in the schools. Cooperation with the public libraries and provision for the blind are features of the Museum's work which are receiving special attention and are of more than passing interest. Without doubt there are no children who appreciate a visit to the Museum and an opportunity to handle the specimens more than do the blind children from the public schools and the immediate vicinity. This policy is making the Museum a growing educational force in the community.



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