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Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Park, previously known as New York Zoological Park, is one of the first zoos in North America.    

The New York Zoo is located at 2300 Southern Boulevard Bronx, NY 10460-1099 (718) 367-1010
It isopen all days and has two types of admission:

A POP Pass gives you general admission, PLUS seven admissions to special rides and attractions - it cost: $27.00 for Adults and $21.00 for Childs. The limited admission pass: Zoo admission to 265 acres of Bronx Zoo shows and exhibits. Cost: $15.00 for adults and $11.00 for Childs.

The New York Zoological Park was conceived and planned by the New York Zoological Society, a scientific body incorporated in 1895, under a special charter granted by the Legislature of the State of New York, and has as its avowed objects the making of a public zoological park, the protection of American native animals and the promotion of zoology.

Control of the Park grounds was granted to this Society by the City of New York in 1898 and work on the permanent buildings was at once begun. The comparative newness of the Park has enabled its founders to profit by the world's experience in the planning of quarters for captive animals, and many original features have been devised either to meet special conditions or to improve upon existing methods. The Park occupies 264 acres of land and water, whose varied contour comprises rocky ridges, sheltered valleys, lakes, deep forest and open glades, making it possible to provide for the animals a suitable habitat and affording space to an extent unrivaled by any other institution of its kind.

The planning and general development of the New York Zoo are in the hands of the Zoological Society, which has also furnished all the live animals and erected the Reptile House, Aquatic Bird House, Bear Dens, Flying Cage and other structures.

The City of New York has erected the majority of the buildings, provided funds for the construction of walks, roads, sewers, drainage, water supply and other improvements, and also has furnished an annual maintenance fund for general upkeep.

The Society's funds are obtained by private subscription and from the dues and fees of its members; and, by arrangement with the City of New York, the Restaurant and other revenue-producing institutions within the Park are controlled by the Zoological Society and the profits expended for the increase of the animal collections.

Membership in the Zoological Society is open to all interested in the objects of the organization, which entitles the holder to admission to the Park on pay days, to receive the annual reports, bi-monthly bulletin and the scientific publication "Zoologica," to enter the Administration Building, to attend all lectures and special exhibits and to receive complimentary tickets for distribution. Any Annual Member may become a Life Member on payment fee.

The New York Zoological Park is located between East 180th and 190th Streets, and may be reached by the subway to 180th Street (care must be taken to select a Bronx Park or West Farms train, which brings visitors to the southeast or Boston Road entrance of the Park) ; by the Third Avenue Elevated Railway to Fordham station, which is half a mile from the northwest entrance, or by the Southern Boulevard or Zoological Park surface cars. Carriages and automobiles are not permitted to enter the portion of the Park occupied by the animals. They may enter the Park at the Concourse on Pelham Avenue, whence they may proceed to the northern end of Baird Court, where is situated the most important group of buildings.

The Boston Road, running through the Park from north to south, divides it into two portions. That on the west contains the animal collections; that on the east contains Bronx Lake, twenty-five acres in extent, which may be utilized by visitors for boating. Boats may be obtained at the Boathouse at the southeast end.



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