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Monuments an important buildings in 42 street to 59 street    


Note.—First paragraph of each section of the City gives buildings, the second paragraph notes sculpture.


GRAND CENTRAL STATION, 42d Street and Park Avenue—Warren and Wedmore, architects. MANHATTAN HOTEL, Madison Avenue and 42d Street—H. J. Hardenburg, architect; murals by Cox, Crowninshield, Shean and Turner. TEMPLE EMMANUEL, Fifth Avenue and 43d Street—Moorish architecture. ST. BARTHOLOMEW'S CHURCH, Madison Avenue and 44th Street—carved doorway; murals by Lathrop. ST. PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL, Fifth Avenue and Soth Street—Renwick, architect; built 1850-79; Gothic. ST. THOMAS' CHURCH, Fifth Avenue and 53d Street—Cram, Goodhue cX. Ferguson, architects; Gothic. HOTEL ST. REGIS, Fifth Avenue and 55th Street—murals by Sewell. HOTEL PLAZA, Fifth Avenue and 59th Street—murals by Shean.
PULITZER FOUNTAIN, Fifth Avenue at 58th Street—Thomas Hastings, architect; Bitter, sculptor.

KNICKERBOCKER HOTEL, Broadway and 42d Street—murals by Finn and Parrish. TIMES BUILDING, Broadway and 42d Street; tower. HARRIS THEATRE, 254 West 4zd Street—murals by Lichtenauer. NEw AMSTERDAM THEATRE, 214 West 42d Street—murals by Blum, Florian Peixotto, and Wenzel]. BELASCO THEATRE, I15 West 44th Street—murals by Shinn. HOTEL ALGONQUIN, 59 West 44th Street, murals by Dodge. HOTEL ASTOR, Broadway and 44th Street—murals by Dodge. CHURCH OF ST. MARY THE VIRGIN, 139 West 46th Street—LeBrun, architect; exterior and interior sculpture by Rhind; murals in Lady Chapel by Daingerfield; wood-carving by Kirchmayer. HOTEL DEVON, 70 West 55th Street—murals by Dodge. HOTEL WELLINGTON, Seventh Avenue and 55th Street—murals by Stoner.


SHERMAN preceded by "Victory" by Augustus St. Gaudens, Fifth Avenue and 59th Street (ill. no. 47). HUMBOLDT by Gustav Blaeser, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue entrance. THOMAS MOORE by D. B. Sheahan, S9th Street and Fifth Avenue entrance. MAINE MONUMENT by H. Van Buren Magonigle, architect, and Attilio Piccirilli, sculpture; 59th Street and 8th Avenue entrance. COMMERCE by Jules Fesquet, near Columbus Circle entrance. COLUMBUS by J. Sunol, south entrance to Mall. SHAKESPEARE by Ward, south en-trance to Mall. INDIAN HUNTER by Ward, near south entrance to the Mall. ROBERT BURNS by Sir John Steell, on the Mall. SIR WALTER SCOTT by Sir John Steel], on the Mall. FITZ-GREENE HALLECK by J. W. A. MacDonald, on the Mall. BEETHOVEN by Henry Baerer, north end of the Mall. EAGLES AND PREY by Christian Fratin, west of north end of Mall. TIGRESS AND CUBS by Auguste Cain, northwest of the Mall. THE FALCONER by George Simonds, near W. 72d Street entrance. DANIEL WEBSTER by Thomas Ball, near W. 72d Street entrance. GIUSEPPE MAllINI by G. Turini, west walk, opposite 66th Street. SEVENTH REGIMENT MEMORIAL by Ward, west walk, opposite 67th Street. FOUNTAIN by Olin L. Warner, off East Drive, opposite 74th Street. BETHESDA FOUNTAIN by Emma Stebbins, Esplanade. RICHARD MORRIS HUNT MEMORIAL (ill. no. 49), D. C. French, sculptor, and Post, architect; Fifth Avenue, at loth Street. S. F. B. MORSE by Byron M. Pickett, near 5th Avenue and 72d Street entrance. THE PILGRIM by Ward, near 5th Avenue and 72d Street entrance. STILL HUNT by Edward Kemeys, East Drive, opposite 76th Street. SCHILLER by C. L. Richter, in the Ramble, opposite 76th Street. WASHINGTON by Houdon, in Metropolitan Museum. EGYPTIAN OBELISK, near Metropolitan Museum. ALEXANDER HAMILTON by Carl Conrads, N. W. of Metropolitan Museum. THORWALDSEN by himself, 5th Avenue and 96th Street entrance. MCGOWN'S PASS MONUMENT by Wm. W. Bosworth, N. E. part of Park.




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