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Note.—First paragraph of each section of the City gives buildings, the second paragraph notes sculpture.

WEST—59TH to 110th STREET

DEWITT CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL, Amsterdam Avenue and S9th Street—murals by C. Y. Turner. CHURCH OF THE PAULIST FATHERS, Columbus Avenue and 59th Street—murals by Harris, La Farge and Reid. STUDIO BUILDINGS, 5, 15 and 23 West 67th Street —murals in each by Sewell and in 15 also by F. V. DuMond. ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH, West 76th Street—murals by C. Y. Turner. NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Central Park West and 76th Street (see Museums)—window by Mary Tillinghast. AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, Central Park West and 77th Street (see Museums)—murals by F. W. Stokes and others. CHURCH OF ALL ANGELS, West End Avenue and 81st Street—mosaic altarpiece by Violet Oakley; windows and mosaics by Tiffany. ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, Riverside Drive and 99th Street—mosaics and seven windows by Tiffany.

COLUMBUS MONUMENT by Gaetano Russo, Columbus Circle, 59th Street, Broadway and Eighth Avenue. VERDI by Pasquale Civiletti, Broadway and 73d Street. Sculpture in Riverside Park—HAMILTON FOUNTAIN by Farren & Wetmore at 76th Street. CLARK MEMORIAL by H. K. Bush-Brown, at 83d Street. SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' MONUMENT by Charles W. Stoughton & Arthur A. Stough-ton, architects, and Paul E. Duhov, sculptor, at 9oth Street. JOAN OF ARC MONUMENT by Anna V. I-Iyatt, sculptor and John V. Van Pelt, architect, at 93d Street. FIREMEN'S MEMORIAL by H. Van Buren Magonigle, architect, and Attilio Piccirilli, sculptor, at Tooth Street. BROWNSON BUST by Samuel J. Kitson, at xo4th Street. FRANZ SIGEL by Karl Bitter, at 106th Street. STRAUS MEMORIAL by Augustus Lukeman, sculptor, and Evarts Tracy, architect, xo6th Street and Broadway.



CATHEDRAL OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINE, Moth Street and Morning-side Park—Gothic; several architects; sculpture, tapestries, etc. ST. PAUL'S CHAPEL, Columbia University, West 116th Street—window by La Farge. LIBRARY OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, I16th Street; C. F. McKim, architect. GRANT'S TOMB, Riverside Drive and 122d Street (open daily until dusk)—J. H. Duncan, architect; interior reliefs by Rhind. COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 139th Street and Amsterdam Avenue—G. B. Post and Sons, architects; mural in auditorium by Blashfield. CHAPEL OF THE INTERCESSION (pilgrimage 3), Broadway and 155th Street—Goodhue, architect; carvings by Kirchmayer and Lowrie. HALL OF FAME, and LIBRARY, New York University, University Heights, University Avenue and 181st Street—McKim, Mead and White, architects; sculpture by various artists.

"ALMA MATER" by French, Columbia University grounds, 116th Street. BEAR AND FAUN FOUNTAIN by Edgar Walter, Morningside Park at 116th Street. CARL SCHURZ by Bitter, Morningside Drive and 116th Street. LAFAYETTE AND WASHINGTON by Bartholdi, at I14th Street and Manhattan Avenue. WINFIELD ScoTT HANCOCK by J. W. A. MacDonald, at Manhattan Avenue and 123d Street. FORT WASHINGTON MONUMENT at Fort Washington Avenue and 183d Street.




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