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Monuments an important buildings in the boroughs of Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.    


Note.—First paragraph of each section of the City gives buildings, the second paragraph notes sculpture.


MORRIS HIGH SCHOOL, 166th Street and Boston Road—two mural decorations by E. W. Deming, given by the Municipal Art Society. PoE COTTAGE; Poe Park, Kingsbridge Road, Grand Boulevard and the Concourse—was residence of Edgar Allan Poe.

HEINE MONUMENT by Ernst Herter, Grand Boulevard at 16ist Street. Louts J. HEINTZ by Wm. W. Bosworth, Grand Boulevard and 16zd Street. PoE BusT by E. T. Quinn, Poe Park, Kingsbridge Road, Grand Boulevard and Concourse. LYDIG MEMORIAL ARCH by Heins and La Farge; ITALIAN FOUNTAIN and FOUR LIONS by Eli Harvey, all 6 in Zoological Park. Buildings in Zoological Park are decorated with sculptured animals by various artists. BOTANICAL GARDEN FOUNTAIN by Carl E. Tefft, Bronx Park. SULLIVAN MEMORIAL FOUNTAIN by Frank E. Wallis, architect and J. S. Hart-ley, sculptor; JOSIAH PORTER by Wm. Clark Noble, and FOUNTAIN by Allen and Collens, all three in Van Cortlandt Park. MCCoMB's DAM PARK FOUNTAIN by Martin Schenck, Jerome Avenue and East 16zd Street. HUDSON MEMORIAL COLUMN, Babb, Cook and Welch, architects, Hudson Memorial Bridge, opposite West 227th Street.


BOROUGH HALL, Fulton and Court Streets—portraits and sculpture in lobby. COLONIAL HousES in the neighborhood of Bergen Beach. EASTERN DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL, Keap Street, Marcy Avenue and Rodney Street—three murals in Keap Street entrance by F. L. Stoddard. HALL OF RECORDS, Fulton Street and Joralemon Place—Portraits of eminent jurists. KINGS COUNTY COURT HOUSE, Fulton Street and Joralemon Place—Portraits of eminent jurists. PLYMOUTH CHURCH, Orange and Hicks Streets—nineteen windows by F. S. Lamb; ten in auditorium by various artists; several portraits including one of Henry Ward Beecher by A. J. Conant. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Lafayette Avenue—window by Joseph Lauber. PUBLIC SCHOOL No. 5, Tillary, Bridge and Lawrence Streets—three panels in main auditorium by F. S. Lamb.

WASHINGTON by H. M. Shrady, Williamsburg Bridge Plaza. HENRY WARD BEECHER by Ward, Borough Hall Park. EDWARD FOWLER by Henry Baerer, and PRISON SHIP MARTYRS MONUMENT Stanford White, architect, Fort Greene Park. U. S. GRANT by W. O. Partridge, Bedford and Bergen Avenues. HENRY WARNER SLOCUM by F. MacMonnies, Eastern Parkway and Bedford Avenue.
The following are in Prospect Park: SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' ARCH, Duncan, architect, Prospect Park Plaza; three groups of statuary on Arch, by MacMonnies; reliefs of Lincoln and Grant by W. R. O'Donovan and Thomas Eakins; four columns at Arch by MacMonnies. ALEXANDER J. C. SKENE by J. Massey Rhind, at Plaza (Flatbush Avenue and Eastern Parkway). GovvERNEUR K. WARREN by Henry Baerer, at Plaza. JAMES S. T. STRANAHAN by F. MacMonnies, at Plaza. HENRY W. MAXWELL by Augustus St. Gaudens, at Plaza. JOHN HOWARD PAYNE by H. Baerer, Sullivan Heights. In the Flower Garden in Prospect Park are busts of BEETHOVEN by Baerer; WASHINGTON IRVING by Baerer; THOMAS MOORE by Draddy; MOZART by Mueller; EDWARD GRIEG by Asbjornsen; VON WEBER by Beach. Statue ABRAHAM LINCOLN by Henry Kirke Brown. LIONESS AND CUBS by Victor Peter. MARY-LAND MONUMENT by Stanford White, on Lookout Hill. PANTHERS by A. P. Proctor, 3d Street entrance. THE HORSE TAMERS by Mac-Monnies, Ocean Avenue entrance.


BOWNE HOUSE, Flushing; FRIENDS' MEETING HOUSE, Flushing; KING MANSION, King Park, Jamaica—all old buildings.
CONRAD POPPENHAUSEN by Henry Baerer, College Point. Fox MONUMENT, at Bowne Avenue and Broadway. SOLDIERS' MONUMENT, Flushing Park. SOLDIERS' MONUMENT by Ruckstuhl, Bergen and Hillside Avenues, Jamaica.
PERINE HOUSE, Richmond Road, Dongan Hills, S. I.; BRITTON COTTAGE, New Dorp Lane, near the Beach, New Dorp, S. I.; BILLOPP HOUSE, Tottenville, S. I.; MUSEUM OF STATEN ISLAND ASSOCIATION OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, Stuyvesant Avenue, New Brighton, S. I. (See Museums)—all old buildings.
BARRETT FOUNTAIN by Sherry E. Fry, near Borough Hall, Richmond.



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